“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl

The Mystical Forest

When you arrive at the studio you will be entering our Mystical Forest where magic is ready to pop out around every corner. Surrounded by the beautiful colors of fall, the bold reds, browns, golds and oranges will set the stage for an experience like none other for your little fairy.


If your daughter loves to dress up and wishes that she had a fairy who lived in her garden, this is the perfect session for you! When she sees the little fairy door in the forest she will instantly be ready to make the magic come alive!

What Comes With Your Fairy Portrait Experience?

  • The Fairy Godmother

    Before any child can prance through the Mystical Forest they must first go through their magical transformation into a fairy princess! Our Fairy Godmother will do her hair, a touch of magical makeup and help her select the perfect fairy dress.

  • Couture Fairy Dresses & Flower Crowns

    The fairy transformation would not be complete without the perfect fairy dress and flower crown! Your daughter will select her favorite from our Couture Closet. We have dresses available in sizes 4-10.

  • 30 Minute Portrait Session

    Your child's portrait experience will allow her to play, imagine and dream up the perfect fairy princess story in her mind. From wishing wells, to fairy doors and giant mushrooms, this mystical forest will give her plenty of room to imagine her magical world.

  • Cinematic Viewing / Ordering Appointment

    After your portrait experience we will schedule a time for you to come back and view your portraits in our cinema room. At this time we will look through your images and choose your favorites that will create your Magical Fairy Artwork! Portrait collections start at $225.

What Comes Next?

Step 1: Reserve Your Session

Step 2: We Will Call You

Once your payment has been successful, we will call you within 24 hours to go over the details of your session, what to bring and to finalize a time for your session.

Step 3: Session Time!

Once your session date and time are confirmed, get ready to enjoy this magical fairy portrait experience with your daughter!

Step 4: Order & Enjoy

We will meet together to view and order your daughter's Fall Fairy Portraits.


When these magical portraits are hanging in your home, your daughter will smile every time she sees them and will tell all her friends about her fairy adventures!

Meet Your Photographer!


Join us on a magical portrait adventure ...


Cloud 9 Studios invites you and your child on a  magical portrait adventure. We have made capturing forever moments an easy process for the parents, from dreaming up the perfect scene to creating a finished art piece to display in the home. The experience we create transforms a child into their favorite character allowing them to explore the far reaches of their imagination.


Jeanine McLeod, the owner and creative genius behind Cloud 9 Studios, has been photographing and designing children’s themed sessions for over twelve years. What began as a desire to not only capture her children’s annual portrait but also what they were fascinated with at that particular age, has turned into an award winning portrait studio that attracts families from across the U.S.


As a lover of movies and stories herself, Jeanine uses her engineering and theme park background to design the sets for both function and aesthetics. Children will be engaged in their surroundings allowing their imagination and wonder to come through in a portrait. Combine the perfect set design with Jeanine’s ability to draw out the natural personality of each child and you have her signature look that parents love.


Magical Hugs,

Jeanine McLeod

"I believe that photographs

are the key to preserving

the magic of childhood" 

- Jeanine McLeod

There are only 10 Magical Fall Fairy Sessions available.

The 30 minute sessions are $75 and include: 

  • A Visit With Her Fairy Godmother

  • Dress Up In A Couture Fairy Dress and Flower Crown 

  • 30 Minute Portrait Session Experience

  • Cinematic Viewing and Ordering Appointment

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